What is toe nail fungus?


It is tinea unguium which is a nail fungus infection. This fungus attack on the nail bed. It is founded under the plate of the nail. This toe nail fungus starts from the tip of nails of fingers. In the start, there appear yellow or white spots under the nail. The nail color also changes with the deepness of the fungus in the fingernail. It is very common in the world. This fungus can affect the few nails but not all the nails of the fingers. Nails become dead, hard and yellowish. The affected nails stopped getting any amount of food or blood. The fungal nails become fragile and thick. The color of these nails is also changed. Mainly there are two types of nail fungus; yeast or mold. These fungi remain in the surrounding environment. It can attack to the nails easily especially those skins which can allow the fungus to easily attack nail of the finger and resides under the plate of the nail.

Causes of this fungus:

This fungus can attack the plate of a nail due to darkness, moist and hot environment. Especially when someone wears the shoes all the time or for many hours. In shoes, there is a situation of warm and moist. The other reason is the blood flow under the fingers. The fingers have less blood flow, or the proper diet has not been reached to the nail of the finger. That is the reason the nail color turn into milky white or yellow color. The athletes catch by this fungus especially because they wear the shoes all the time or for many hours. Ringworm also may cause of the nail fungus. The adults whose age is over 60, they are considered overage. They are caught by this fungus easily.

Victim of the Nail Fungus:

This is not hard and fast that only adults or overage will get that infection. The diabetic patients and athletes can be the victim. This fungus can be occurred due to nail injury, a less strong immune system and less blood flow towards the affected area. The fungus can be attacked on that nail which is not properly clean. If the fungus attack to any nail, it is good to clean many times a day to all the nails of hands and feet properly.

The severity of the fungus:

This fungus is not a deadly one. It is that type of fungus which effects the whole body. Some of the people think so; it is not happened in real. It can be true about some fungal infection but not for the nail fungus. Its only attacks the toe nail and other fingers but stay on the near about of the nail area. Sometime this fungus can affect the other area of skin, but it depends on the severity of the fungus. Especially it is observed that if fungus attack on the nail finger of athletes, it can take the other area of skin under its attack. But this is also an exceptional case. Sometime the severity of fungus can cause the jock itch, time check up onĀ japanese toenail fungus code reviews.

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