Unknown Dangers of Surgical Gloves

It is simply uncountable to guess the number of lives the medicine industry has saved in the operating theater. It is truly a crucial field for human survival and it is often updated with the latest discoveries in technology and science, in order to be up to the task each time a new challenge appears.

Through time, many rules and sanitation parameters have been placed to avoid jeopardizing the health of the patient and to ensure its safe recovery. And one of the universal rules a doctor should follow is to always use sterile gloves. Specifically speaking, sterile surgical gloves are mandatory in every operation, and they are supposed to ensure cleanness and sterility. But, the truth is very different, as there are many unknown dangers of sterile surgical gloves that the medical industry has barely recognized and taken care of.

All around the world, there have been strange cases of surgical and postoperative complications now related to the use of powdered latex sterile surgical gloves, and few things have happened the latest years to prohibit their use. Therefore, it is only but necessary to understand what the dangers of sterile surgical gloves are.

Dangers to surgical patients

The first issue experienced by the use of surgical gloves is adverse reactions towards latex. You do not necessarily require to be latex-allergic to respond negatively to this material. Repeated contact of tissue with this material can set up an allergic reaction which could easily complicate an ongoing surgical procedure.

On the other hand, the very first reason why surgical gloves are so dangerous is that they are powdered with cornstarch, as it makes easier the task of wearing them. Studies show that powdered gloves often affect both the operation and recovery of a patient in multiple ways. When cornstarch makes contact with tissue during surgery, it could promote inflammatory response which tends to create complications such as adhesions and fibrous bands. Adding to that, powdered gloves also appear to weaken the body after surgery, remarkably decreasing recovery speed.

Dangers to wearers of powdered gloves

The apparent dangers of powdered gloves also affect on medics, nurses and other healthcare workers. The constant use of powdered sterile surgical gloves commonly decreases skin health. Both latex and cornstarch produce irritation due to dehydration, and they are also able to become abrasive, thanks to their power to absorb lipids regularly present in the skin.

One of the most dangerous facts of powdered surgical gloves is the ability of cornstarch to transport Natural Rubber Latex NRL antigens in the air. Inside a medical facility, there are considerable amounts of these particles in the air and breathing in a large amount of them can not only be lethal, but very negative to health. The overall quantities of cornstarch and NRL particles in the air are remarkably high in a medical environment, due to the constant use of powdered gloves by doctors, nurses and other workers.

It is mandatory then to be wary about the use of powdered sterile surgical gloves, as they can be very dangerous for the wellbeing of each human being inside a medical facility. There are still more years to come to fully live the extinction of powdered gloves in the healthcare workplace.

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