Step Counter Challenge

Did you know that an average sedentary person usually has an average of 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day? At first sight, these figures may seem overwhelming, but wait until you find out the number of steps recommended each day to stay active and burn calories. A Harvard University study currently recommends 8,000 to 10,000 daily, almost thrice as the common daily steps. Roughly, that’s about 5 miles for every one of us! So how on earth, can we keep up with this strict guidance? As beneficial as may sound, a sudden escalation to 10,000 steps is just not achievable for everyone. Instead of sweating yourself off accomplishing those overwhelming numbers, why not start your own stepping program? One that is designed to suit your individual needs and at the same time, fairly achievable. If keeping a healthy lifestyle is your goal, a calorie step counter/SKrIdtt├Žller tilbud just might be what you need.

A sports equipment premeditated to track the number of steps a person accrue each day, a calorie step counter is a fitness enthusiast’s daily guide towards achieving that 10,000 step challenge. Using accelerometers, pendulum technology, and electronics, this step device senses your body movements and then counts the number of your strides, and out of this, the distance you covered each day is measured. The features of this small but accurate walking assessment device consist of but not limited to clocks, timers, speed estimators, memory, pulse rate recorder and calorie estimates. Just by safely clipping the step counter in your waistband, you are now ready to start your walking workout.

Walking is one of the most simple yet most effective workouts there is. Depending on your goals for walking, 6,000 steps for maintaining well-being or 10,000 strides for weight loss is advised. In addition, walking has been associated to lower the risk of diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It has also been known that by simply doing brisk paces, your cognitive functions are also greatly enhanced. Whatever your objectives maybe, walking with a step counter each day keeps you one step closer to your goals.

Moreover, aside from the fact that step counter keeps track of your progress each day, this sports device also keeps you motivated. Scientific evidence pointed out that people, who are aware of the development they make, are more likely to be prompted to continue their exercise. A step counter-based community walking intervention trial tested this theory. Consisting of 63 women and 16 men, assigned to either experimental or control group, the 12-week randomized controlled study evaluated the impact of a step counter-based walking intervention on daily step-counts, self-reported physical activity, and health outcomes. At the end of the scientific trial, the researchers concluded that the step counter-based walking intervention was an effectual manner to escalate walking, cut down sedentary actions and increase positive affect in a community-based sample.

Another research reinforced this sentiment as step counter helps people get more exercise each day, reports a scientific venture. In this study, the participants were subdivided into two groups wearing sealed step counter; the only difference was that the first group has a sports device they could read anytime, constantly updating them on their progress while the other group is unable to view the steps they have taken. Some of the findings of the research indicated that those who could check their device each day could achieve the 10,000 steps compared to the 8, 270 steps of the opposite group. Likewise, on days when the first group was unable to meet their target, they still walked over a mile in contrast to those who were unable to keep track of their progress. With this, the researchers concluded that a simple step counter could make a difference in motivating individuals.

Purchasing a step counter can be a symbol indicating our acceptance of the walking workout, bearing in mind that with each step, with each calorie burned, we are uplifting our health status. As early as now, start taking simple steps. Take the calorie step counter challenge, for the journey of 10,000 steps starts with you.

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