Requirements for a Social Security card replacement

There is no doubt that a Social Security Card is among the most important and sensitive documents that one may have. Whenever the card gets lost, damaged or stolen, it causes a lot of worry and tension because you may not know the hands in which it may land.

When your Social Security Card gets lost, for instance, it is recommended that you act immediately at in order to prevent damages that may make you suffer as a result of its loss. Thieves are so dangerous if they happen to access Social Security Cards. You see, if one happens to access your Social Security Card number, it is very easy for him to access your financial records and other sensitive information. It will also be difficult for you to start a new job, apply for government benefits, open bank accounts or even change your immigration status without your social security card. If you happen to damage or lose your card, the following guide will assist you in applying for a new one. But there are some things you must bear in mind before applying for a replacement;

You must have original supportive documents rather than simply having the photocopies.

Your application must be submitted to your local social security administration failure to which it will be denied.

A guide to Social Security Card replacement

Begin by downloading form 88-5. For this form to be accessible to you, your computer needs to have software such as Adobe Acrobat reader that will enable you to view computer PDF files. Once you have accessed the form, you need to print it by use of standard white letter-size paper.

All sections in the applications need to be filled using either black or blue ink and ensure that your handwriting is clear. When filling the application, you can voluntarily fill in section 7 that pertains the information concerning your ethnicity or race. You should provide an valid address in section 16 in order to make it easy for your Social Security Card to be sent to your location. Also, remember to sign your application or else the application will be denied.

When you have completed the application, the following documents need to be gathered;

US birth certificate, passport or certificate of nationalization if the person applying for the replacement is an adult. These documents are meant to act as a proof of citizenship.

US driver’s license or US passport. If you don’t have these documents, you may consider using other documents such as military ID, health insurance card or a school card.

You must also provide an original birth certificate to act as a proof your age.

The application of a child’s social security card replacement requires you to have all of the above-listed documents to act as a proof of your identity in addition to those of the child. If the child doesn’t have those documents, school ID, religious records, adoption decree or a school record may be used to prove his or her identity.

After you have gathered all these documents, check the application again and correct any errors before you present or mail it to the Social Security Administration. All your information needs to be accurate to prevent your application from being denied. There is no doubt that you would want the entire process to run smoothly and that can only happen if the information you provide is clear and accurate.

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