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Makeup nowadays has become crucial for many girls living in the world. Many girls have a belief that makes up is a necessary thing in their lives just as the food and drink are necessary. However, that’s not true. The girls should have a confidence over their natural looks and natural beauty and should not run over makeup products that crazily. Though they can apply some makeup but should know their limits and ask their parents whether to put it on their skins or not. According to some researchers, a girl should have less amount of makeup which gives a natural look rather than changing a whole face cut or providing a completely different look. If you are a girl that has a ton of makeup products, be sure to get an efficient makeup storage solution so that you don’t fumble about in the morning! Something just like this:

In today’s world, girls are all grown up watching their moms or other women applying huge layers of makeup which develops the mindset of girls following the same thing and applying lots of unnecessary layers of makeup. This, in the end, damages their skins and open their pores so badly that without make up their survival becomes difficult. However, on the other hand, those mothers who truly understand that this too much makeup thing is not good for themselves as well as for their daughters mostly approach the natural products instead of many makeup brands and it cost them nothing but many benefits.

Some researchers interviewed girls when they started wearing makeup or what was the first time they thought makeup is necessary for them to apply. The answers were shocking, the majority of the girls gave a response that they started applying makeup at the age between 11-15 years. However, the research also shows that girls should wear less amount of makeup and should wear it as per the occasion rather than applying it on daily basis. Moreover, if a girl is willing to apply makeup going school then it must be not more than a light lip color and a moisturizer with not more than SPF 15 in order to avoid sun burns. Other makeup products should not be applied in just going school because it may affect the skin so bad that when they will have actual age to apply make up their skins would be highly damaged, and they’ll be needing skin treatments then.

When a girl reaches to the Middle school, she can have to make up products but not in much quantity and should try home-made remedies to brighten the skin tone or to avoid the dark circles and the black heads. This is because home-made remedies are all made up of natural products and don’t cost much plus it leaves long lasting natural glowing effect over their face. However, according to some surveys, it has been found that most of the women have more than 40 cosmetic products including serums, scrubs or different creams among which they apply at least five products daily. This amount of makeup is too much to destroy any girls’ skin, but as they become habitual of applying makeup, they think their survival is not possible without it.

Therefore, it has been determined that having too much makeup products can cause harm to girls and their skin can be damaged in the end. Whereas, having less makeup can provide an advantage as it would not make any loss over skin and will provide a natural yet simple look.

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