Essential oils for baby cough and congestion

Are you suffering from a cold and flu? Would you want to seek natural remedies for your condition instead of taking drugs? Essential oils are the best solution of natural remedies to cold and flu. Essential oils help to relieve various cold and flu symptoms including coughs, congestions, fatigue, headaches and bodily aches. Below are examples of the most appropriate essential oils for a baby cough and congestion. You can trust Oil Logic Essential Oils for the highest quality oils if you do decide to buy them.

1. Lemongrass essential oil

Lemongrass essential oil is recommended by the Chinese Traditional Medicine to ease congestion and coughs for your baby. The essential oil has antimicrobial, analgesic, bactericidal, antiseptic, deodorant, fungicidal, diuretic and sedative properties that help relieve baby coughs and congestions.

2. Cinnamon leaf essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil is found in two varieties- leaf and bark. Both varieties originate from the same tree, one from leaves and the other from the bark. They also have the same properties. However, cinnamon leaf essential oil is much recommended for aromatherapy applications because it has mild results. The cinnamon leaf essential oil has antioxidant, antiseptic, anesthetic and antimicrobial properties which make it ideal to relieve your baby’s coughs and congestion.

3. Clove bud essential oil

The clove tree is an evergreen and extremely aromatic tree that originates from Indonesia. Traditionally, dry clove leaves were chewed to release essential oils that had an antiseptic effect to relieve pain. Presently, buds of the clove flower produce a gentler essential oil that contains antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic and stimulating properties. Due to its antiseptic and stimulating oil, clove bud essential oil can be utilized to ease congestions and coughs for your baby. The essential oil is also effective for curing headaches that may come as a result of a cold or flu.

4. Grapefruit essential oil

Properties of the grapefruit essential oil include disinfectant, diuretic, stimulant, antiseptic, lymphatic and antidepressant. Its antiseptic nature enables it to kill germs causing flu and cold thus relieving your baby’s congestions and coughs.

5. Sandalwood essential oil

This type of essential oil has a natural calming, healing and relaxing property. Sandalwood essential oil has properties such as astringent, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antiseptic. These properties make sandalwood an ideal essential oil to cure coughs and congestions for your baby. The recommended prescription for your baby is 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil to ease congestions.

6. Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil should be applied topically on your baby’s nasal section to help clear breathing and ease nasal and chest congestions. The recommended prescription for the basil essential oil is 4 drops per dose.

7. Cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil is a highly valued natural remedy due to its capability to fight infections and treat the respiratory system. The cypress oil can ease congestion and eliminate the buildup of phlegm in the respiratory tract and lungs. Cypress essential oil has antispasmodic properties which can cure respiratory illnesses congestion and cough in your baby due to colds and flu.

8. Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil relieves disorders in the respiratory system such as bronchitis and asthma. The essential oil is therefore ideal to ease colds, congestions, and coughs in your baby.

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