Dealing with a leaking roof


You got home in the night and having fun with your family but your sweet moment was ruined by some rodents and bugs buzzing around you and your loved ones; and you wonder where these creatures came from. Do you know that this might due to your leaky roof? If you neglect your roof, it may begin to leak and it may become so deteriorated to the extent that these unwelcome creatures become your regular guests. In this article, I am going to teach you useful ways of dealing with a leaking roof.

Causes of a Leaking Roof

I will tell you some common causes of leaky roof so that you will know the necessary precautions you have to take to prevent them.

· The Age of Your Roof: Age of roof is the primary factor which makes a roof leak due to continual expansion and contraction as well as wear and tear.

· Slipped Tiles or Slates: These result in rainwater leaking into the inside of the roof.

· Impaired Roof junctions: This is usually due to incorrect installation or damage of the flashing at roof junctions.

· The Skylight: Though skylights are good because they help the illumination and ventilation of homes and offices yet you may begin to notice water around the skylight edges.

· The Clogged Gutter: Your roof gutters may be blocked by debris which can prevent water from flowing freely forcing water to flow back into your roof.

· The Plumbing Works: It may be necessary that pipes are run through your roof, which may begin leaking with time.

Common Consequences of a Leaking Roof

· Unwelcome creatures may gain access into your home or office.

· It may lead to health risks such as asthma and allergy symptoms, athlete’s foot, runny nose, itchy eyes and thrush due to mold growth.

· You and your family may be put at the risk of slipping and falling due to puddle on the floor.

· Loss of valuables due to rotting and rusting.

· Rusting and swelling of plasterboard ceilings, walls and paint.

· It may drain your pocket as you need to repair and even replace the affected structures.

Dealing with a Leaking Roof

· The most important way you can deal with leaking roof is to regularly inspect your roof for leak signs.

· Do regular rehabilitation of your roof by removing debris from the roof; replacing and repairing deteriorating materials; and sealing off any leak signs.

Perhaps your roof begins to leak; you need to find a means of containing the leak as soon as possible lest it causes further destruction before you get a professional to fix it for you.

· Put a container under the site of the suspected leak.

· You can also use a funnel connected to a hose to collect and convey the dripping water to the outside.

· You can reduce the effect of the leak by locating the center of the bulge, where water is accumulating and use a screwdriver to puncture it so as to allow the leaking water to drain smoothly. By doing this, you reduce pressure and also prevent water from spreading and affecting other parts of your ceiling before it is repaired.

Finally, you will have to invite professional hands not only to fix the leaking roof but also to prevent future occurrence.

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